Rifle Making

Having been involved in deer stalking for the past 24 years, Patricks extensive knowledge is particularly suited to making custom built rifles for competition, foxing, stalking and dangerous game clients. This unique combination of a passion for accuracy and the knowledge of how to achieve it, means that every single rifle built is at the forefront of the newest technology.

We personally guarantee the accuracy of each rifle and can provide a wide range of actions, barrels, stocks, mounts and triggers. We are always happy to provide advice on calibre selection and are regularly constructing rifles for long range competitions such as bench rest rifles capable of 1000-1200 yards accuracy.

We can provide the following:

  • Rebarreling
  • Action blue printing
  • Bolt and barrel fluting
  • Bolt lug trueing
  • Bolt knobs
  • Pillar bedding
  • Devcon bedding/marinetex
  • Sound moderators fitted and supplied (1 week turnaround)
  • Recoil lugs/muzzle brakes
  • Trigger tuning/after market triggers
  • Chambering out to Ackley Improved
  • Iron sight fitting
  • Holland & Holland detachable mounts
  • Problem solving/load development

We are very happy to provide quotes free of charge for any specification of rifle and to discuss in finer detail the pros and cons of different calibres for different uses.